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Author: Anneko
Title: Sneakin' Around
Sequel to 'End of the Chase'
Summary: Sawyer owes Sayid a good time... Yeah, that's right, it's aimless porn.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Never will be. Le sigh.
Feedback: I'm not ashamed to get down on my knees and plead, if pleading keeps you from walking out that door-- wait, no, if pleading gets you to give me feedback. Sorry, I confuse those all the time.

It was dark when Sawyer slipped into Sayid's tent.

"Hey, it's me." He hissed.

"Yes. No one else has any business being here."

"Most of 'em are in bed, anyway."

"So am I." A smile tugged at the side of Sayid's mouth.

"I believe I owe you a good time."

"I believe you do."

The kiss was slow, and just a little playful, teeth worrying at lips.

"You ever been with another man? Before me?"

"No. Today was... it was the first time I had touched or kissed another man. Why do you ask?"

"Just wonderin' how fast I should take things."

"Have-- have you been?"

"Yeah. Not as many men as women. Quit trying to run the con on 'em-- well, it's a different game to begin with, but yeah.. had an... accident, figured I'd stick to playing the ladies.

"I suppose it's good that you know what you're doing."

"Aw, not gonna get jealous?"

"It is pointless to be jealous, unless I catch you with another man now."

"Well that ain't gonna happen."

"Good. Because any man who touches you loses something." Sayid yanked Sawyer back down into a kiss. He didn't need to specify what-- he could have meant 'hand', but Sawyer kind of doubted it.

"What if it's a girl touchin' me?"

"Then *you* lose something."

"Woah-woah-woah, I'm not *encouraging* her, theoretically."

"Then you'd better *dis*courage her. Theoretically."

"You're hot as hell when you're possessive." Sawyer grinned.

Sayid blinked. "That's a little... sick, isn't it?"

"Maybe. But I still think it's hot. You want me to go down on you?"

Sayid licked his lips, breath catching. "Do I...?"

"The answer to that question is always 'yes', by the way. I'm a little rusty, but I'm pretty sure givin' a blowjob's like ridin' a bicycle. And I'm good at it."

"Riding a bicycle?"

"Sex. I am damn good."

"You... you want to do this?"

"You kiddin' me? Been wanting to a while now. Jacked off thinkin' 'bout doing it once. What it'd feel like havin' my lips wrapped around your cock... how it'd sound when I had you screamin' my name... how you'd taste..."

Sayid shddered. Sawyer's grin widened, his hand cupping the growing bulge in Sayid's khakis.

"I can see *somebody* likes the idea. You on board?"

"Yes," He pressed a kiss, hasty and wet, to Sawyer's mouth, before dropping back and letting him continue.

Sawyer undid Sayid's belt, his fly, yanking pants and boxers down around the other man's knees so that he could leave hickeys up the inside of one thigh. A hand in his hair urged him forward, and he chuckled against soft tan skin.

"Easy, Baby. I'll be flying you to the moon soon enough."

"... Tease..."

"Hey! Hey now. I ain't teasin', I'm... prolonging the experience."

"Sawyer..." Sayid growled.

Sawyer flashed him a grin, all straight white teeth and mischevious twinkle, before lowering his head again. He laved over the dusky sac, sucked one side into his mouth, then the other, barely let the edge of his teeth graze the sensitive skin, and that earned him a sharp tug to the hair. His tongue traced the thick vein that ran up the underside, then any others that stood out, winding around the rigid column of flesh. His lips played over the head, and he caught sight of Sayid biting down on his fist to quiet his moans.

He could smell musk, scent zooming into the sex centre of the brain and lighting up some metaphorical switchboard up there. Sayid's skin tasted salty, like sweat, like the ocean, like the precum just beginning to leak from the tip. Sawyer swallowed, taking more of Sayid in, until his nose touched the thick curls around the base.

He unzipped his own pants, relieving the pressure on his aching cock. He let one hand slide over his own shaft, the other rolling Sayid's balls, letting his lover thrust up as much as he wanted. Sayid bit down on his fist again as he came, and Sawyer swallowed, pumped his cock a couple more times until he too was over the edge. He wiped his hand on his pants and slid up next to Sayid, moving in for a kiss.

"Sawyer?" Sayid leaned back, a hand on the blond's chest holding him back. "You-- you want to kiss me *now*?"


"I... Right now?"

"It bother you?"


"'Cause I seem to remember *someone* lickin' my cum off his hand."

"Well... yes. But that's different."

"Oh yeah? How?"

"... I suppose I am not so opposed to it."

Sawyer smiled, warmth slipping through the cracks in his smugly triumphant armour, and he leaned in, his tongue tracing over Sayid's lips before dipping down between them to peruse the dark secrets of his mouth.

He kissed Sayid's knuckles next, where teeth had broken the skin. "Tryin' a little hard to keep quiet, ain't ya?"

"I... prefer to keep my private life private."

"So I should get out of here before morning."

"If you want to sleep, I will wake you in time." He brushed Sawyer's hair back. "I wouldn't mind having a warm body with me, it's a cool night."

Sawyer sighed softly, dropping a kiss to Sayid's shoulder. "Thanks. That'd be nice."



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