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Ficage again

Author: Anneko
Title: You Got The Kind Of Eyes That Do More Than See/You Got A Lot Of Nerve To Come Onto Me
Series: Reimaginings
Category: AU, pre-slash
TEEN (for Sawyer, he sweareth)
Summary: Mostly follows the events of the series, but without all that messy Kate business-- Sawyer admits to his attraction to Sayid fairly early on. Missing scene-type stuff and the like. Set during Tabula Rasa.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of it. *sigh*
Feedback: makes me veddy happy.

"Hey..." Sawyer scooted around the campfire, settling near Sayid. "Can I talk to you a minute?"

"If you must." He shrugged, stirring at the fire with a stick.

"Look, about before... I didn't mean that stuff, okay?"

"Oh? Really?"

"Really. I don't handle bein' in a freaky-ass plane crash so well. Wanted to lash out at somebody. You were there. But I didn't ever think you--"

"Then why were you watching me on the plane, and in the airport?"

"Shoot, why does anybody watch anybody? I was-- I was checkin' you out, okay? Is that a crime?"

"In some places."

"Well, most of the time I was checkin' you out, we were over international waters, where it is most definitely *not* a crime, so there."

"You... find me attractive? That is why you were watching me?" Sayid's brow furrowed.

"Yeah. Is that so hard to believe?"

"I think you're insane."

"Yeah, but I saved you from a bear. Can't tell me that don't make me just a little attractive myself."

"You saved yourself from a bear. I was in the vicinity."

"I saved everyone from a bear. Makes me a big damn hero."

"How did you know about the air marshall? Or were you watching him on the plane, as well? Perhaps you found him attractive, too?"

"See, now you're teasin'. We're makin' progress. And no, are you kidding me? Guy looks like the villain outta Terminator Two. I saw the gun. And I thought it'd be a good thing to have, out in the jungle. Just like I said. You believe me this time?"

"Maybe. I think I'll reserve my final judgement." Sayid smiled. "You should sleep. We have a long hike in the morning."

"You offering to come with me?"

"I think I'll stay up a while longer, thank you."

"Suit yourself. You get lonely, I'll be right over here."

"I *won't* get lonely."

"Everyone gets lonely eventually." Sawyer nodded, retreating a little ways and settling down for the night. "Sweet dreams, Sugar."


"I see you've organized the villagers into an orderly mob."

"Three orderly mobs, yes."

"I like this you that has the sense of humour." Sawyer grinned, following Sayid down the beach.

"I like the you that wasn't talking. Let's see him again."

"C'mon, you know you love me."

"I believe you."

Sawyer stopped short. "You do, do you?"

"You were not the convict."

"Either I suddenly got a heck of a lot more persuasive, or you found out who was. And I'm dying to know which is the case."

"You'll just have to keep dying, then."


"I have work to do. Unless you want to contribute to society?"

"I'll just watch you contribute."

"Oh, yes, that's a sure way to win a man's heart. You're really trying, aren't you?"

Sawyer shrugged and stretched out, watching. After a while, he spoke again. "I'm gonna win you over."

"No. You're not."

"Sure I am. This is how it always starts out. We're practically a friggin' romantic comedy. Snipin' at each other, bein' ridiculously good-lookin'..."

"Trying to survive on a deserted island."

"Aside from that."

"What makes you think I could be even remotely attracted to you?"

"You weren't disgusted when I told you I was eyeing you. That told me all I need to know."

Sayid shook his head. "I have work to do." He repeated. "You can help, or you can be quiet."

"I can't be quiet." Sawyer snorted. "It's okay, you'll learn to love that about me."


Sayid managed to busy himself without Sawyer's interference for the better part of the day. He didn't see the blond again until after nightfall, when he found him at the quiet end of the beach, alone and looking stricken.

"... Sawyer?"

"I didn't mean to," He whispered. "He wasn't never gonna make it... He asked me to! I was doin' the right thing."

"What are you talking about?"

"Air marshall." Sawyer swallowed thickly. "Shot him."

"He wasn't going to survive." Sayid sat down beside him, and after a moment, laid his arm over Sawyer's shoulders. "If he asked you to kill him, then..."

"I didn't kill him," Sawyer turned, his eyes meeting Sayid's only briefly, wide and haunted. "I shot him. He-- he didn't die."


"He really is the fuckin' T-1000..." A hollow laugh. "Except he can't just melt himself back together. He begged me to do it. He begged Kate to do it and she wouldn't, and I did, I mean I tried, but-- Doc said it'd take hours for him to bleed out. Said it was a perforated lung."

"Not hours." Sayid shook his head. "Not in his condition."

"Look, I don't like Jack, but he's a *doctor*. I think he knows how long it takes a man to die."

"Sawyer, I know how long it takes a man to die." Sayid said darkly, looking off into the distance. "It won't take long. It will be like drowning... but it will not take hours. I'm sure Jack said what he said... to make you think about what you'd done, perhaps. To make you feel guilty--"

"He didn't have to make me feel guilty!" Sawyer spat. "I feel damn guilty! I didn't want to kill a man! But it was a mercy killing-- he *asked* me, he was begging! Who does that rat bastard doctor think he is? He think I don't feel guilty? Think I'm some sort of *monster*?"

"Sawyer, calm down,"

"Calm down? I just-- I just--"

"Who knows. Who knows what Jack thinks or what his reasons are. But he wants what is best for everyone, I'm sure of that."

"You promise?" Sawyer fit himself into Sayid's arms, grateful when the liberty was allowed. "Sayid, you promise? It won't be hours?"

"It's probably already done."

"I'm not crying. Just so you know. Don't think I am."

"Of course not."

"'Cause if you tell anyone I--"

"I don't plan on relating any part of this story."

"It wasn't me. He wasn't on the plane 'cause of me."

"I know, Sawyer. Hush."


When Sayid tossed Sawyer the orange, he was thinking about the night before. He was thinking about the glimpse he'd caught of the little boy, peering out of the shattered armour of the cocksure man. He was thinking about the sweet unguarded moment that Sawyer said his name, not 'Abdul' or 'Ali' or, most ridiculous of them all, 'Al Jazeera'.

He was thinking about how easy it was to refuse Sawyer when he'd said 'I'm gonna win you over', and how easy it was to fall when he said nothing at all.

How he couldn't let that happen, but for a moment, just the second or so the bright fruit was suspended in air, he entertained the notion.


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