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FIC(erm, 'let')

Author: Anneko
Title: I'll Be Your Valentino
Series: Reimaginings
Category: AU, pre-slash
TEEN (for Sawyer, he sweareth)
Summary: Mostly follows the events of the series, but without all that messy Kate business-- Sawyer admits to his attraction to Sayid fairly early on. Missing scene-type stuff and the like. Set during 'White Rabbit'. Very short.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of it. *sigh*
Feedback: makes me veddy happy.

Sayid waited until Kate was out of earshot before turning back to Sawyer.

"Why are you flirting with her?"

"Does it make you jealous?" The blond grinned.

"I have no claim on you... of course it doesn't."

"Oh, that's bull--"

"I'm not. jealous." He enunciated clearly. "Although this does not speak well for your constancy."

"I'm not trying to make her love me. If I flirt with Kate, it's only 'cause she's easy to rile, and that's fun for me. Trust me, I'd be going about things a whole lot differently if I wanted to win her."

"What will you do if it doesn't rain?"

"It'll rain. Rained all the damn time before, didn't it?"

Sayid nodded thoughtfully. "If it's all the same to you, I think I should be looking for the real culprit."

"Don't worry, one of these days I'm sure it'll really be me and y'all won't have to look stupid."

Sayid turned to leave. Sawyer's voice stopped him.

"And you, I want to win. In case you weren't sure or somethin'."

"Yes. I had completely forgotten in the *day* since you last propositioned me." He rolled his eyes.

"Oh, I ain't propositioned you. *Yet*. But I will, baby, I will..."

"Call me 'baby' again and you'll regret it." Sayid said evenly, almost lightly.

"Sure thing... sweetcheeks."


"Thanks, sw--"

"Don't even."

"Okay. Thanks." Sawyer accepted the water with a jerk of his head.

"What did you say to him?" Sayid nodded towards Boone.

"Why? Afraid I was flirting again?"

"Don't be a total ass-- not that I think you could help it. The last thing I worry about is what you do or don't want to do with that boy."

"I didn't, by the way. I wasn't even nice to him."

"Yes. I could tell. I don't think anyone has been."

"Well, what'd he expect?" Sawyer took a swig. "So you goin' out with this foragin' party tomorrow?"

"No. Someone should stay behind-- I mean someone who's *not* a complete drain on society."

"You wound me." He chuckled. "Okay. Not 'baby', not 'sweetcheeks'... Sweetheart? Or is the difference between 'heart' and 'cheeks' not good enough for you?"

"I prefer 'Sayid', oddly enough."

"Oh, no. Do you see me callin' anyone else by their first name? You're special, honey, but you ain't all that special yet."

"Not 'honey', either. Although perhaps I should thank you for your discretion in keeping the pet names private and the insults public."

"Your welcome, darlin'."


"Pumpkin? Nah, that sounds stupid. Sugar?"

"Definitely not."

"Minute you let me kiss you, I'll call you anything you wanna be called, cutie. 'Til then, I guess I keep trying 'til we find something we can both live with."

"I will never let you kiss me."

"Have it your way... cupcake."


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