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Smutlet and weird non-smutty art.

Author: Anneko
Title: The Mask Of Night
Summary: It wasn't their first time, not physically. But in another, deeper way, it was.
Disclaimer: I don't own them. Alas alackaday.
Feedback: makes the world go around.

The kiss, when he got it, was unexpected. Lips tasted of salt, mouth tasted like night and secrets... He opened to it, went weak in the knees and let the hand in his hair and ravaging tongue bend him back in submission.

It ended, when it ended, with a softness, a reluctant parting and a second kiss, brief and chaste and nearly an apology.

"What's this?" He asked, voice a whisper, his hand cuppng the back of Sayid's neck. "You wanna go again?"

"No-- we can't."

"What do you-- Like, you're sorry it ever happened? 'Cause you said--"

"There was blood... I couldn't avoid hurting you, a little, but I don't want to do you any real damage... you'll have to."

"What, you want-- Serious?"

"Freely given."

"Aw, baby..." Saywer kissed him, kissed the saltnightsecret mouth again, and the throat his hand caressed. Freely given? It was a little bit more than he could say, if he was honest, because he hadn't envisioned himself as a bottom, he'd just ended up there. Ended up there because once Sayid's hands were really on him, he forgot words like 'no' and 'I've never done this before' just long enough for things to spiral.

It had been a pretty spectacular spiral when he was caught in it, made him realize that if he'd known it felt so good, he might have envisioned himself as a bottom to begin with. But there wasn't any lube, not real lube, on the island. Nothing that wouldn't rub into the skin eventually.

He'd remembered words like 'I've never done this before' at about the time he'd realized that. Actually, he'd remembered words far more colourful than 'I've never done this before', and if he'd said 'stop', he wants to think Sayid would have, but that was also the time Sayid found The Spot and made Sawyer forget 'I've never done this before' again, changed it to 'Why have I never done this before', changed it to words far more colourful, and far more praising.

Now he was trying to use enough suntan oil, hoping it wouldn't all be absorbed if he used enough suntan oil, hoping it was the kind that blocked UV rays and not the kind that sunless-tanned you suntan oil, because he'd found both when he'd been scavenging. Nowhere on the label did it say 'NOT FOR USE IN FACILITATING ANAL SEX', and that was all that really mattered.

He kissed Sayid's back, between his shoulders, as he stretched him, went careful remembering how it was on the receiving end.

Going slow during the preparation was the easy part. Going slow once he was *inside* and the heat and the tightness surrounded him, that was like to kill a man.

"You're going to have to speed it up..." Sayid said, voice rough. "We don't have the luxury of time."

Sawyer wanted to know how the fuck he could be so articulate with a cock up his ass. Sawyer hadn't been articulate. Sawyer had been a trembling, moaning wreck.

He reached around, stroking Sayid in time to his thrusts, finding a good angle, just hoping he was giving more pleasure than pain-- hoping with whatever parts of his brain weren't completely occupied by sensation, by 'more more more' and 'faster faster faster', by thrusting and taking.

Afterwards, as he slipped gingerly out of Sayid, saw the line of his come connecting them before breaking, dripping white against dark tanned thigh, he kissed that spot between the shoulderblades again.

"Don't go anywhere." He mumbled, wiping away the mess with a discarded pair of boxer shorts, before stray sand could stick.

"I won't." Sayid turned, smiled at him for a moment.

Sawyer had a vague memory of his mother, lecturing him. 'The second punch starts a fight', she had said, a lesson he'd never learned. Maybe in that respect, love and war were alike again, because it wasn't the first time they'd had sex, not really... but it was the first time they were lovers.



And because I'm strange...
Artist: Anneko
Title: Lost Through the Looking Glass

~full comments about this pic can be found on its page at my deviantart account here: http://danakszoul.deviantart.com/
If you need the full comments, that is. Sayid, being rather feline (in my opinion) is the Cheshire Cat-- Sawyer almost was, because he's got the grin for it, but I couldn't not make Sawyer a bunny, so he's the March Hare.

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