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Author: Anneko
Title: Ending/Beginning
Sequel to ep-related ficlet
Summary: An almost-immediately post-rescue bit of fluff and sex.
Disclaimer: I don't own them. I don't make any money, either.
Feedback: Please?

"Sawyer! Come in here!"

He did, because it was a pretty natural reaction to being hollered for, and he couldn't tell if it was a 'there's something wrong' holler or a 'I want to sex you up' holler, and either way, he should really go.

"What's up, buttercup?" He leaned against the doorframe and tried to look like a man who hadn't just crossed the hotel room in two strides to get there in a hurry.

Sayid was standing in the shower, the glass door swinging open, the water cascading over him.

"It's hot..." He moaned, tilting his head back and luxuriating in it.

"Sure is." Sawyer leered.

"I may never leave."

"I could encourage that."

"If you want any hot water at all, you'll get in here with me."

Sawyer's pants were a crumpled heap on the tile before Sayid could even open his eyes. He got into the shower, closing the door on them, keeping the steam in. He plastered his front to Sayid's back, hands skimming down his lover's sides to rest at his hips.

"Mm, that *is* nice..."

"You're not even under the water."

"I don't have to be."

"Oh, but you want to be, believe me." He shifted, allowing them to share the spray. "See?"

"Oh, sonofa-- yeah, that's good... I think I forgot what this felt like... never taking *that* for granted again."

"It was nice of the hotel to give us extra little bottles of shampoo and soaps."

"Yeah, I think it's a special offer for people who just got off a three-month stay at the world's worst Club Med."

"Have you given any thought to what you'll do now?"

"Sellin' my story. People eat that kind of thing up, survivor story crap."

Sayid regarded him a moment, then shrugged.

"Why, what about you?"

"I don't know. It's surreal... civilization. And of course everyone we've ever known has gotten used to the idea of our deaths. Moved on. It's like it isn't even the world we left. We have a single night in a hotel, and then we're shoved out into a very different wilderness..."

"You wanna stick with me? I mean, we'll probably save money that way."

"Mm. I'll just sponge off my memoir-writing boyfriend until I get a job, shall I?"

"Hey, they're cuttin' the check tomorrow morning. I'm not a bad guy to sponge off of."

"Well, with any luck, I'll have a steady job by the time your fame-based income dries up, and then you can sponge off of me for a while."

"Fame-based income. I like that." He rubbed his chin.

"As nice as this feels..." He leaned back just a little bit to illustrate the niceness. "We could both feel better. Hm... you'll have to get on your knees,"

"Oh, I'll *have* to?" Sawyer grinned. "Is that how it's going to be?"

"Yes, and turn around."

"The hell?"

"So I can wash your hair. You could probably do mine standing... I mean, as long as we're both in here."

"That is *not* what I thought you had in mind."

Sayid looked at him blankly for a moment, then smirked. "Later."

"That a promise?"


"All right then." Sawyer got down on his knees with his back to Sayid. He was almost immediately converted to the church of This Was A Very Good Idea. Not only was having Sayid wash his hair not awkward, it was nice. Sensual. And it made him feel a million times cleaner.

"Done." Sayid stroked through his hair one last time. "My turn."

"Lean against my chest like you were doing before." Sawyer stood and turned back to him. "We'll do it like that."

Sayid was wordlessly compliant. Sayid *was* wordlessly compliant, he was the personification of that particular two-word phrase, and if Sawyer was ever asked to think really hard about the words 'wordlessly compliant', he would think of Sayid, who, when presented with a reasonable idea or worthwhile task, wouldn't say anything, he'd just do it.

Luckily, he considered 'as much body-contact with Sawyer as humanly possible' a very worthwhile task. Because when you presented Sayid with an unreasonable idea or non-worthwhile task, he became the opposite of wordlessly compliant. He became snarky and resistant. He became Sawyer. No, not quite, and it was a little too weird to think along those lines.

Thinking at all at this point wasn't going to do Sawyer any good, anyway, and he emptied the entire tiny shampoo bottle into his hand and started lathering.

Sayid made little noises when Sawyer massaged his scalp. He was making more noise *now* than he had been when they were doing it back on the island, but maybe that was just because they were in a tent on the island and there was no way to lock a tent. You needed a key card to get into the hotel room, and no one else had one of those.

Maybe at heart, Sayid was one of those people who *liked* to make a lot of noise in bed...

"I mention to you what a good idea this was?" Sawyer whispered.

Sayid moaned softly and arched his back in response. It had the welcome side-effect of pressing his backside more firmly against Sawyer's burgeoning hard-on.

"A really, *really* good idea." Sawyer said.

"Mm, yes, I can tell." He repeated the back-arching move, slow and *deliberate*.


"Are you sure?"

"Want me to do your back?"

"That would be lovely." Sayid pulled away, stretched out and leaned against the shower wall.

Sawyer soaped up one of the washcloths, running it up and down the strong tan back in long, firm strokes, digging into supple skin and hard muscle, drawing out more little groans of pleasure and satisfaction.

Sayid was *definitely* going to be one of those people.

Sawyer couldn't wait.

"Now do me." He nuzzled the back of Sayid's ear and switched places with him.

The water was going lukewarm on them, but it didn't particularly matter. Sayid began at Sawyer's shoulders and worked his way down to the small of the back.

"Any other hard to reach places?" He smirked.

"No, but don't let that stop you."

"How about we just clean up as quickly as possible now, and then we can get some use out of one of those beds..."

"Fair enough." Sawyer went to work soaping himself, motivated. He kept watching Sayid out of the corner of his eye. He *could* watch Sayid now. He had that freedom. He could watch Sayid all the time. He could watch Sayid naked. Watch the way he moved, naked. Wet and naked. The world was looking better all the time.

"What?" Sayid tilted a curious look up to him.

"Nothin', baby, I just like what I see, that's all."

Sayid snorted, shaking his head, but there was an amused smile, and that was all that mattered.

They towelled off hastily and left their clothes lying where they were, went to one of the two beds. It wasn't an expensive hotel, but it was a clean one, which was more than any of the castaways had been looking at just days before. Now they were all doubled up in rooms for the night, fresh off the rescue boat. There had been whispers-- regular rumour whispers, not Creepy Island Whispers-- that the rescue hadn't been the Good Thing they'd all thought it was, and Sawyer tried not to think about that, because he was in a hotel room, and Sayid was naked, and still a little damp.

He hadn't had the chance to buy that economy-sized tube of Astroglide. He wasn't sure lube came in 'economy-sized', for that matter. Was it the sort of thing you could get at a Costco? Maybe Costco didn't sell sex stuff. He couldn't remember. They had cigarettes, kept 'em in a giant cage, but did they sell condoms? Hell, he was a kid last time he was in one of those places, maybe they did and maybe they didn't.

He pulled Sayid up towards the head of the bed and urged him to straddle his chest, bringing a full thick erection within tempting reach.

Sayid gripped the headboard as Sawyer proceeded to do wicked and incredible things with his lips and tongue, and once, briefly, his teeth. When he came, Sawyer swallowed.

Sawyer grinned, around the softening cock still in his mouth. He'd been right. Sayid could make *noise*.

"Am I good or what?" He grinned.

"You're wonderful." Sayid slid off his chest, slithered down the bed. "Let me..."


If it wasn't so good, Sawyer would have been upset, because it wasn't fair, Sayid being good at everything, and on his first try, too. He spent his time on the receiving end learning, though, and it was good. Hesitant at times, inexpert, yes, but good. He lost the clumsiness about it quickly, and the biggest fault Sawyer could find, if he'd been in the mood to find fault, was that Sayid tried a little too hard to be careful and once in a while it made him just a touch too gentle.

Still, all in all...

"I'm gonna..." Sawyer managed to warn, and Sayid slid up, his mouth around just the head, his hand taking over more of the shaft, perfect position for catching Sawyer's release on his tongue.

"Fuck, that's hot." Sawyer's head dropped back to the pillow, the image of Sayid mid-swallow burned into his brain. The way that one little drop of white clung to his lower lip...

Sayid re-arranged them both so that they were *in* bed, not on it, covers up over their shoulders, and Sawyer re-re-arranged himself just a little so that he had one arm over the bedspread, and maybe they were gonna have different ideas about where the air-conditioner should be set at night...

But that didn't matter.

He threw his arm over Sayid and fell asleep. None of that stuff mattered. They had their happy ending. Beginning. They had their happy. They were home.


To be continued-ish.
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