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Two ficlet thingies.

Author: Anneko
Title: Good
Sequel To: 'Ending/Beginning'
Summary: 'There's three ways that love can go- That's Good, Bad, or Mediocre'. Here's the first. My chance to write SaySaw domestic bliss.
Notes: Mildly spoilerrific for s3 finale.
Disclaimer: They're not mine. I don't own 'em.
Feedback: Would be lovely, thanks.

"So what do you think?" Sawyer was pacing. "I already signed the made-for-TV-movie deal and it ain't been published yet. 'Course, they'll cut out the love story, but..."

"Sawyer, this is almost entirely fabricated." Sayid looked up at him.

"Yeah, and who's gonna believe the truth? I talked to everyone else... I'm the only one who was interested in selling their story, but I promised they'd all come off well in it, and no one's gonna say anything when it comes out and it's all polar bear-free."

"It's good. I am particularly fond of the romance-- although there is a scene missing, and I don't think your publishers will be thrilled with the scene you left in..."

"You think I should tone down the sex?"

"I think so, yes."

"There was a sex scene in 'Midnight Express'-- the book, I mean, they cut that out of the movie, too."

"Was it this detailed?"

"Okay, okay, I'll rewrite it. Will that make you happy?"

Sayid set the manuscript aside, rising to wrap his arms around Sawyer's waist. "*You* make me happy. Give me a kiss."

Sawyer leaned in, his mouth covering his lover's, his tongue probing and exploring, drawing little groans of pleasure out of the other man.

"How 'bout we go back into the bedroom and you can show me what I'm supposed to be editing out?"

"Oh, I think I'd better." Sayid smiled.


Sayid found Sawyer working on his second draft. He watched him from the doorway, the hunch of his shoulders, the look of concentration that furrowed his brow, the way his glasses slid down his nose...

"Why are you wearing those old things, anyway? You got new ones."

"Guess I'm just used to these." Sawyer shrugged, smiling up at the other man. "Come to give me a kiss?"

"Yes." Sayid leaned forward, letting his lips play across Sawyer's. "That is exactly what I came in for."

"Mmm... thanks, sweetheart."

"Thank *you*." He favoured Sawyer with another quick upside-down kiss, then tweaked his glasses. "And who knew you were such a sentimental man..."

"I'm not."

"You just keep saying that."

"I'm *not*."


"Which picture should I give for the back cover?" Sawyer held up two photographs. "Without glasses; rugged outdoorsman making it against the odds, or with the new glasses; sensitive intellectual surviving the challenges of nature? I know it's a tough call, 'cause I'm just so damn handsome, but try and make a decision."


"Congratulations." Sayid turned the book over in his hands. "A published author..."

"Check out the picture on the back. Handsome devil, ain't I?"

"Very. 'James Ford is a reformed con-man and accidental survival expert. He currently resides in Southern California in a home he shares with his partner and a reformed stray cat, also an accidental survival expert'. Cute."

"I'm full of cute."

"I know you wanted to put *something* true in this little memoir, but are you sure it was wise admitting to crimes when your photograph is on the cover?"

"I live on the edge." He shrugged. "Besides, I only admitted very vaguely to committing some crimes where the statute of limitations is up."

"All right... well. We should celebrate tonight."

"Yeah?" Sawyer leered. "Whatcha got in mind?"


Sawyer set his plate on the floor, earning a disapproving look from Sayid.

"It's not good for him, you know."

"It makes the dishes a lot easier to wash. Besides, he likes the chicken pot pie gravy."

"You'll spoil him."

"You're the one who wanted to let him live inside."

"... And stop trying to feed your carrots to the cat." He sighed.

"But he *eats* them! Hey, Omar, you want a treat?"

"The cat's name is Amir, not Omar."

"He's a cat, he doesn't know what his damn name is."

"Yes he does, and you're confusing him."

"I can't call the cat the wrong name, I can't call you the wrong name... tell me, who am I allowed to rename to suit my own whims?"

Sayid shrugged. "Jack? And speaking of things I wish you wouldn't let the cat ingest, keep the lid on the toilet down or he'll drink out of it."

"... You're kidding. I thought dogs did that."

"I've seen him do it. At the very least, keep the seat down,"

"I thought we were avoiding 'keep the seat down' arguments by, you know, sleeping with another man."

Another shrug. "If you kept it closed so Amir wouldn't drink out of it, we wouldn't have any toilet-related arguments at all."

"Fine." He mock-glared at the cat now eating his carrots. "Who ever heard of a cat drinkin' out of a toilet?"

Amir purred.


"Is that supposed to be me?" Sayid let out an incredulous laugh.

"Good-looking enough. Well, *almost*." Sawyer amended.

"That actor isn't even Arab. He's not Arab-American, he's not Arab-anything. I think he's Indian..."

"Shut up and watch the movie. You think they'll send me a check every time they show this sucker, or do they just pay the screenwriter for that? I mean, I *did* write the book."

"I don't know. Don't you have an agent to answer that sort of thing?"

The phone rang during the commercial, and Sawyer picked it up. "Talk fast."

"*Dude*! Your movie's on channel six!"

"Yeah, Hugo, we're watching it right now."

"Pretty awesome."

"Yeah. I asked if they could get the same made-for-TV lady who did 'Buffalo Gals'. I don't know if they're gonna keep in the love part."

"... on channel six? I doubt it."

"Yeah, figured as much. Well, I'll talk to you later, okay?"

"Okay. Congrats, dude."


"They hinted at it." Sayid rubbed Sawyer's shoulder, curled up beside him in the afterglow. "Better than I expected, really."

"I been thinking... about writing the real story."

Sayid lifted his head and raised one eyebrow.

"Not like a memoir. Like a... like a fantasy novel. Under a pseudonym or something. But it'd have bears and monsters and crazy island people."

"The irony is amusing... a fantasy novel you didn't make up and a survival memoir you did."

"Gonna start on that... tomorrow..."

"That's nice." He settled back down again, let his cheek rest against bare skin.

"Yeah... nice..." Sawyer yawned, dropping a kiss to Sayid's hair. "'Night, lover."



Author: Anneko
Title: Jungle Love
Sequel To: 'Sneakin' Around'
Summary: First, I must forcibly restrain myself from saying something about Morris Day and the Time. Okay, that's over with. Anyway, I couldn't quite bring myself to write sex on the beach because, eek, sand-where-sand-belongs-not! But the siren song of hard, hot, island sexing beckons, and I am its slave.
Disclaimer: If I owned them, they'd be doing this by now. DO YOU HEAR ME? Lindelof, I know you have a secret slasher in you, now get J.J. Abrams on board. DO MY BIDDING! *ahem* Anyway, I'm also making no money off this.
Feedback: like confession, is good for the soul.

When Sawyer dropped the bottle of suntan lotion into his hand, Sayid tried not to think about who it had belonged to before.

When Sawyer looked back over his shoulder, eyes smoldering, Sayid didn't need to try. There was only room for one thought in his mind, and it wasn't the origins of his lover's stash.

Lover. That was the word for him now. Sawyer was his lover.

"We go down far enough, there's some secluded beach."

"Oh, yes, in the middle of the day, where someone will hear you and think you're in need of rescuing and walk up on us." Sayid rolled his eyes.

"If I'm gonna be on my hands and knees, I want something soft under me."

He shook his head. "Then you *don't* want the beach. Sand is... abrasive. If you can have sex someplace without sand, always pick without. There's a spot in the jungle... near the waterfall. The forest floor is soft. Loamy. We can clean up afterwards, too..."

"Let's go, then. And what do you mean hear *me*?"

"I mean. I'm going. to make. you scream." Sayid enunciated, smiling wickedly. "And you will love every second of it."

They made the trek quickly, and Sayid stripped Sawyer roughly, ran his hands all over the body bared before him. Kissed and licked and nipped at skin before letting the blond assume the position.

"Walk me through it."

"Pour some of that stuff in your hand, and work it up into me."

"How much?"

"A lot."

"How am I supposed--"

"Get your fingers real nice and slick. Don't push the tip in, you wanna use the pad of the finger."

"All right..."

Sawyer hissed, tensed then relaxed. "Okay... give me more."

Sayid did. It was a slow dance, two steps forward, one step back. A second finger added, then a third. A part of him was still appalled that he was doing this, that he was aroused by it, but when Sawyer started pushing back and whimpering and pleading for more, he was lost. There was no turning his back on what they had now.

"Now what?" He whispered, the words dying in his throat just a little.

"Pour it on your cock. Really coat it."

"... Yes... And now just...?"

"Yeah, want you in me,"

Sayid eased into the tight, hot passage, his hands holding to Sawyer's hips as best they could, grip slippery.

"Gonna have to do it fast, 'cause eventually that lotion's just gonna rub in and it won't do us any good." Sawyer managed, voice catching.

There was no danger of Sayid lasting too long. Not the way Sawyer's body clenched around him, not the way Sawyer bucked back against him and made those soft, keening moans.

He pounded into him, hard, one hand sliding over Sawyer's cock in time to his thrusts, and when he came, he bit down on Sawyer's shoulder, almost hard enough to break skin.

Sawyer made no such attempt at secrecy, howling out a 'yes', and something that might have been 'Sayid', something else that might have been 'love you', but Sayid wasn't going to hope.

He extracted himself gingerly, and a ropy white line connected them for a moment.

He kissed the abused shoulder and moved away to slide into the water. Sawyer followed, splashing at him.

"Hey. Not gonna stick around for pillow talk and cuddling?"

"Come over here," Sayid beckoned. He held onto a nearby rock for support and wrapped his free arm around Sawyer, kissing him. "Was it all right?"

"All right?" Sawyer snorted. "All right? Baby, that was spec-fucking-tacular."

"I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"Maybe a little of the good kind of hurt." He was grinning, and he let his nose bump against Sayid's before he kissed him again. "We'd better get off this rock before we run out of suntain lotion, that's all I can say."

Sayid laughed. "Well said. Well-said indeed."



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