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Author: Anneko
Title: Bringing Up Baby
Summary: Completely flufftastic one-shot of off-the-island, cat-owned Sayid and Sawyer. Because my kitten cuddled up to me and said 'write more fic with kitty cuddling!', and I said 'Okay, but only if there's boykissing', and he said 'Whatever, woman, make me a sammich!', because by then he'd already forgotten about the fic entirely.
Disclaimer: Sayid and Sawyer aren't mine. Amir, however, is a composite of our cat and new baby kitten. Take that, J.J. Abrams, I've got a kitty!
Feedback: Always welcome.

Sawyer chuckled softly, looking down at his lover.

"You planning on getting up any time soon, baby?"

"I *was* planning on it, yes. Amir had other ideas..."

The cat purred and nested further into Sayid's hair.

"You want me to pick him up and chuck him into the hallway?"


"You don't have to do it, I'll be the bad guy."

"He'll move eventually."

"Eventually. Well that's real great You just gonna let him sleep on your hair all day? Cats sleep twenty hours, that's a fact. I read that in a book, I believe it to be true. You ain't never gettin' up."

"I just don't want to disturb him..." He sighed.

"Whatcha going to do if you need to get up before he does?"

"Amir has no discipline and a bladder the size of a walnut. I think I can wait him out."

Sawyer snorted and flopped down onto the bed. "Well, long as you're stuck here,"

"Mm, I can't move my head, so I'm not sure what you plan on doing here."

"Kiss you, I figure. You got nowhere to go now, boy..."

"As if I'd want to." Sayid grinned, welcoming.

Sawyer bent forward, nibbling at the other man's lips before tracing the lines of his full mouth with questing tongue. His hand moved by reflex to run through Sayid's hair, and he nudged the sleeping cat.

Amir meowed indignantly and re-settled.

"Oh, that's it..."

"Don't move him,"

"You're too soft on him. I can't feed him people food--"

"It isn't good for him."

"But you'll let him walk all over you. Literally." Sawyer picked the cat up.

Sayid took Amir back, sitting up and placing the animal in his lap, petting him until he settled down.

"Lucky." Sawyer hissed.

Amir purred.

"He just... reminds me of my childhood." Sayid rubbed the little 'M' shaped marking on Amir's forehead. "We didn't have a cat... it was just a story my mother used to tell me when I was very little, about how cats came to have this little mark here,"

"Sure, sure. Like 'How the Leopard Got His Spots' and them stories."

"Something like that, I suppose... a bit of quasi-religious folklore or something. I think I believed it, for a little while."

"What about cats who didn't have an 'M'?"

"No such thing. On some cats, it is merely invisible." Sayid smiled.

"You... are a strange man." Sawyer leaned up to kiss him again. "What were you like as a kid?"

"Oh, I suppose I was normal enough, really... a bit small for my age-- and don't start-- quiet. Rather bookish, shy. A little bit skinny."

"You? Granted, I couldn't picture you as a chubby kid, but skinny? You sure turned out nice."

"Thank you." He paused in his cat-stroking to run a hand through Sawyer's hair. "What were you like?"

"Angry. Depressed. Course, I'd just got orphaned, so I guess I had every right to be. Got shuffled around, didn't make friends easy... never had time to. I wasn't shy, though. First I got in fights all the time, then I started learning how to make folks like me without getting to know me first. And I was never small for my age."

"Shut it, you." Sayid laughed.

"I read a lot. Since I got moved around and didn't make friends, there wasn't much else *to* do. Sometimes there was TV and sometimes there wasn't, and sometimes there was outdoorsy places to explore, but there were always books somewhere. And it's *like* having friends, if you got a good imagination."

"Yes. I suppose so."

"Before I lost my mom and dad, I guess I was a pretty happy kid... about as sociable as any little kid is. But I was real little when it happened..."

Sayid pulled him close. Amir leapt down to the floor and padded off, and Sawyer took over the now-vacated lap, laying his head there.

"Tell me more about you."

Sayid shrugged. "It was a good time to be a child, I think... it always seemed like it at the time. I'm sure it's always that way for children... when you're too young to know that there's trouble in the world. Certainly it was better when I was very young than it was when I grew up. Than it is now. I wasn't sociable, but I didn't really get into fights or anything. I think... I just ignored the other children, and they ignored me. Except..."

"What's the far away look for, baby?"

"Mm... a story for another time, I think. I hear meowing, I think the dish needs refilling."

Sawyer sat up and stretched, stole another kiss before letting Sayid go.

He watched from the doorway as Sayid filled the food and water dishes before setting up a pot of coffee. The second it began percolating he knew, stories for other times aside, today was going to be a good day.



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